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Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips are delicious. Chai is delicious. Sadly, these are two great tastes that do not taste great together. In fact, when combined, they bring new meaning to the term "raunchy."

The funny thing is that I wasn't even thinking about it. I sat down at my desk with my freshly made tea, I was talking to my friend, and I happened to have an unfinished bag of chips. I started munching while chatting and feeling a little parched, took a sip.

We'll file this one under "Bad Idea" and move on.
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The World's Most Tempermental Drink [Do Not Disturb or Provoke in Any Way]:

[Bawls + Vivarin = Fizz Volcano.]

Place a tablet of Vivarin in a bottle of Bawls, watch the happy yellow pill float up and down in bottle while emitting fizz.

After a while, a yellow layer of fizz will form over the top. DO NOT disturb this layer unless you are prepared to suck down about one third of the bottle's liquified caffeine in fizz form. It likes to spit when bothered.

For a more accurate account of said encounter, I refer you to: Brian. This one was his idea.
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The flavour of this, though given the opportunity I would never repeat this endeavour, is strange but not entirely undrinkable. I must have some really screwed up taste buds.

Today's Special:
[Chai Tea + Orange Juice = Strange]

This one was Brian's idea, don't blame me.
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Is it just me and my fucked up taste buds or does my tea taste funky?

Mental Note: Honey, Lemon, and [Chai + Spice] Tea tastes like cherry cough syrup.


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