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Have I ever mentioned that George Takei is my hero? A charming video with husband Brad Altman regarding the 2010 US Census. This one comes via [livejournal.com profile] sunfell and I HAD to share it.

Oh, my!

George: I'm George Takei. And I'm still wearing my Starfleet uniform.
Brad: And I'm Brad Altman. And this is a foil cap on my head!
George: And we're married. (laughs) My husband can be so silly at times.
Brad: This is the first time in history the Census is counting marriages like ours!
George: It doesn't matter whether you have a legal marriage license or not. It only matters if you consider yourself married. That's what the Census is asking for. For people to identify how they view themselves.
Brad: So fill out the Census, and let's show America how many of us are joined in beautiful, loving marriages!
George: This is what you do: fill out the information for Person One. On the next page, mark how Person Two is related to Person One. If you consider yourself married, mark the first box. If you don't, mark the second to the last box or unmarried partner.
Brad: Now you may ask - why am I wearing this hat?
George: Or why I'm still wearing this Starfleet uniform? It's to get you to actually listen to this important message that affects how our community and marriages such as ours are viewed by this nation. Be counted. Fill out your Census.
Brad: (Vulcan gesture) Live long and prosper!
George: (makes Vulcan gesture and starts giggling)
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